We're what you might call soul mates. Our lives are intensely intertwined, we collaborate intelligently whenever possible and we are rich in our differences.

Is there any good reason for our authorities to want to change everything, assuring us simply that it will be better after a merger???? We haven't been given any facts…

Maybe we have forgotten our people – the sovereign - who have the right to know EVERYTHING. The absence of residents in all the constituent commissions and steering committees says it all, doesn’t it?

Given the lack of any convincing reasons to merge, Coeurbêche and Croflette recommend voting an emphatic NO to this merger.

‘Choose your own destiny’

It is under this inflated statement, that the ‘natural’ joining of our 2 communes – Blonay and St-Legier – has been proposed in our commune newsletters.

But we didn’t ask for anything! Where does the suggestion come from? After all this time working for us, perhaps the authorities are simply bored? Not enough work? Not enough pay? Or too much?! Simply by looking at the impressive list of collaborations between the two communes, they have suddenly decided we have to merge. Their arguments are that ‘It’ll be cheaper’, ‘we’ll be more efficient’… The sky will be more beautiful and the grass greener! In reality, they don’t know anything about it, nor what the merger will cost us, but apparently we will be stronger and have less administration. Of course we will. Why? Because they say so!!!

We are told:
 "Maintain our independence by choosing our own destiny."

Given the lack of any convincing answers to our pertinent questions, we are opposed to a merger and will therefore vote NO

Meet our friends “Croflette” et “Coeurbêche” who will help us to convince you to vote NO to this pointless merger.

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